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The Joint Status Report, A Cannabis Industry Podcast Presented by Locke Lord – Ep. 15

On this episode of The Joint Status Report, Doug Sargent and David Standa discuss The Hounds Lab marijuana breathalyzer and how it could be implemented by law enforcement (:45) and the upcoming lottery for the early-use secondary sites to be placed in the City of Chicago (5:08). Additionally, David and friend of the podcast, Irina Dashevsky, interview Mallory Czuchra of National Cannabis Insurance Services (www.ntlcannabis.com) about the need for insurance in the industry and the challenges with pricing the various insurance products (8:01).

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California Authorities Ramp Up Efforts to Reduce Illegal Cannabis Growing Operations

Two recent articles from the Los Angeles Times suggest that authorities in California have increased their efforts (and perhaps their effectiveness) in curbing illegal cannabis grown in the state. According to one article, 345 state law enforcement raids this year resulted in the seizure of almost 1 million marijuana plants from unlicensed growers.

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The Joint Status Report, A Cannabis Industry Podcast Presented by Locke Lord – Ep. 14

On this episode of The Joint Status Report, Doug Sargent, David Standa, and Ryan Holz discuss issues facing the hemp industry and how farmers are handling them (1:08), the lottery that has been created by the City of Chicago for recreational dispensary locations (4:32), and the potential risk of lawsuits, including medical malpractice claims, as it relates to medical marijuana (12:39).

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Quebec Raising Adult-Use Cannabis Age to 21

While most jurisdictions considering changes to cannabis laws in North America are trending toward relaxing restrictions, Quebec just reminded us that this trend is not universal and there are still strong opposition forces. This week, the provincial government passed a law that raises the legal consumption age from 18 to 21 effective January 1, 2020. All other provinces permit cannabis use at 19, except in Alberta where the legal age is 18.

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Cresco Labs SEED Phase 1 Incubator Series

Locke Lord is honored to partner with Cresco Labs for its inaugural Social Equity & Education Development (SEED) Incubator Series. This three-part series will assist participants by providing guidance, financial assistance and feedback from Cresco Labs to aid them in applying for a Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Organization License in Illinois.

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Vaping Health Issues Not Souring Americans on Marijuana Legalization

The deaths and injuries traced to vaping have rattled Americans generally and the cannabis industry particularly, as at least some of the cases appear traceable to cannabis vaping products. According to an article in Forbes, however, the vaping incidents have not yet dampened American support for legal marijuana, which remains steady at 66% in a recent Gallup survey.

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