The cannabis-related job market continues to expand according to a PoliticoPro report (subscription required) that analyzed data from, an employment search engine. In May 2016, cannabis job postings accounted for 231 per million total job postings. By May 2019, that number has increased nearly four-fold to 915 postings per million. This increase comes despite the fact that only 11 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and 17 states continue to ban marijuana entirely.

Beyond the topline, the data contained other interesting tidbits. There was dispersion and concentration amongst the job openings. There was dispersion in the locations of those companies posting the most job openings, with the top 7 coming from 6 different states (Harvest (AZ), Smokers Choice (NY), Cresco Labs (IL), MedMen (CA), Berlin Packaging (IL), TGS Management Company (NJ), and Curaleaf (MA)). Yet over a quarter of the total job openings are in California, with many high-population states having very few positions posted (Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio, for example). Another interesting note is that the most common available position is “marijuana budtender,” beating out more traditional positions such as sales associate, sales representative, and retail sales associate (the second, third, and fourth most popular titles, although, to be fair, those appear to be very similar titles and combined likely exceed the budtender positions).

Overall, the takeaway from the data is that the cannabis job market is hot—companies across the country are looking for talented people who want to enter the industry. And it is unlikely to slow down anytime soon, with more states moving toward recreational marijuana and with existing markets continuing to mature. We will continue to monitor cannabis-related labor and employment issues here on the blog.