On this episode of The Joint Status Report, David Standa and Irina Dashevsky interview Kris Krane of 4Front Ventures (4frontventures.com and @4frontventures on Twitter) about his recent Forbes article discussing government reaction to the recent vaping scare and how federal legalization of marijuana can positively impact the regulatory structure of the vaping industry (1:25). Kris also discusses some anticipated issues that could arise when the Illinois recreation market opens up on January 1, and how it is important for the government to not overreact and allow the industry a chance to grow (15:40). Kris is a co-host of the Marijuana Today podcast and is on Twitter at @kranewreck. 4Front’s operates Mission dispensaries and more information is available at missioncan.com as well as on Twitter @missioncan. Please subscribe to the Joint Status Report on iTunesSpotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts, and continue to check out Locke Lord’s blog for developments in the cannabis industry, as well as upcoming episodes of The Joint Status Report.