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It’s a Litigious World, After All: Great-Grandmother Arrested for CBD Oil Possession Last Year Sues Disney

As we blogged about in May 2019, a then-69-year-old great-grandmother was arrested at Disney World when an Orange County deputy found CBD oil in her purse. The incident received national attention and highlighted the confusion over federal and state laws surrounding cannabis and cannabis products.

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Legalization Efforts in Florida Take a Hit

It now appears that Floridians will not have the opportunity to legalize marijuana by ballot initiative in the upcoming 2020 election. Make it Legal Florida, the organization attempting to get the issue on the 2020 ballot, announced on Monday that they will not be able to secure enough petition signatures to qualify the issue for the election.

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Recreational Marijuana Proposal May Reach Florida Voters in 2020

Florida legislators and Governor Ron DeSantis do not appear eager to legalize recreational marijuana. A bill to do so failed last year, and Governor DeSantis (who supports medical marijuana) has indicated he believes recreational marijuana has a “detrimental effect.” Nevertheless, advocates continue to work to move recreational marijuana forward via ballot initiative, and early returns appear promising.

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Florida Appellate Court: State Marijuana Licensing Scheme is Unconstitutional

Florida’s First District Court of Appeals issued an opinion in Florida Dept. of Health, et al. v. Florigrown, LLC, Case No. 1D18-4471, last week. The court’s ruling upended Florida’s medical marijuana industry by deeming the state’s current regulatory scheme—and by extension the cap on the number of licenses—unconstitutional.

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